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Buildings are built by dragging the blueprint of the building across the grid on a flat section of ground and filling it with modules. They can be any shape or size you wish, provided you have the proper materials to build them. The icon for the building will be highlighted in the menu if you are able to do so. Buildings can be demolished by clicking them and press the "demolish building" button.

Buildings have a certain amount of hit points and will be destroyed if this amount reaches zero. As of Alpha 50 there is no way of repairing damaged buildings. Unfinished buildings can't be targeted by Enemies.

"Buildings are what define our Civilization and separate us from the animals - using buildings designated within, we may work, sleep, pray, and toast the health of Her Majesty The Queen!"

Workshops category.png Workshops[edit | edit source]

"Workshops are the center of Colonial Industry, where labours transform raw resources into useful commondities."

Buildings foreign.png Foreign Outreach[edit | edit source]

"Whether you want to protect your colony from outside influence or reach out and make a friend, Foreign Outreach buildings will help you control your place in the world."

Assign to crew icon.png Frontier Exploration[edit | edit source]

"With these buildings, the wonders of the frontier are yours to seize - whether it be ores, strange creatures, or forbidden knowledge."

Buildings services.png Public Services[edit | edit source]

"Productivity requires a podsnappery populace - Public Services buildings will keep citizens happy and help them make the most of themselves"

Buildings icon.png Housing[edit | edit source]

"Housing is essential for keeping your colonists sleeping happily, and also increase your Population Cap."