Colony Locations

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Current as of Alpha 50.

New colonies can be located in different areas, each with their own biome. The biome affects the crops that will grow there, the types of trees, the ground cover, and how flat the terrain is. For mixed biome locations, one biome will be chosen for the crops available, but the trees and ground cover will vary by biome type. The following tables were created by observing what was available at different colony starting locations.

Starting Crops by Biome:

Biome Starting Crops
Desert Chili Pepper, Agave
Tropical (all types) Chili Pepper, Sugarcane, Tea
Temperate (all types) Maize
Boreal Flax, Cabbage

Trees by Biome:

Biome Trees
Desert Cactus, Joshua Tree
Savannah Baobob
Tropical Dry Forest Baobob, Yellow Bamboo
Tropical Forest Palm, Coconut Palm, Tropical Broadleaf
Tropical Wetland Lacquer Tree, Black Bamboo
Swamp Mangrove
Temperate Forest (all types) Weeping Willow, Conifer
Boreal Pine, Conifer