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A cultist is a colonist that has forsaken the Church of the Holy Cog and worships more devious entities as part of a cult.

Cultism spreads through idle colonists gossiping and can only be curbed by administrating due Frontier Justice when one is discovered. Insane characters and characters with traits Easily Influenced, Doomed, Maddened Intellectual, Spiritually Inclined are more prone to cultism, while Adaptable characters are less likely to be involved in it. Cultists can harm your colony by planting Malfeasant Clawbulb in your farms or by initiating murder sprees or plainly slowing down productions due to taking part of cult activities. To initiate a murder spree they have to build a Ominous Shrine, and later go there to obtain a Sacrificial Dagger that can be used for killing fellow colonists.

When a cultist dies, a Obeliskian Servitor might spawn.