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Farm icon.png Crop fields are a place to plant crops. Crops go through three stages currently and if left idle, a fourth. To move onto the next stage they require to be worked by a laborer at specific times. You can tell they are ready to be worked because they will have a little puff of dust and shake once. If they stay idle for a period of time (aprox. 4-8 minutes) after they are ready to move to the next stage, they will die. Crop fields will only grow a specific crop. If the crop is not desired anymore, the field can be demolished.

  • Seedling - In this stage the Crops have just been planted by a laborer. The plant will be small and barely recognizable for what it is.
  • Immature - In this stage the Crops start to look like the crop that will be harvested, and has doubled in size.
  • Ripe for harvest - In this stage the Crops are their harvest ready form, Wheat is Yellow, Cabbage are open, Pumpkins are on the vine. Laborers when they work the plot will now gather the Crops.

Crop fields[edit | edit source]