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Food in Clockwork Empires encompasses anything that is edible to your colonists. Food is used to keep your colonists alive and can be obtained in various ways such as farming, hunting and foraging. Many food objects have various states such as their forage state (e.g. Lingonberry Bush, not directly edible), their collected state (e.g. Bushel of Lingonberries, edible), and their cooked state (Crate of Lingonberry Preserves).

Breakfirst 7AM in the colony.

Food influences the mood of a colonist. A colonist will eat one time every day, and the better food, the happier memory will come of eating. A varied diet with cooked food is desired to maximise happiness.

List of foods in Clockwork Empires[edit | edit source]

* Category Raw Fungus

  * Fungus Stew
  * Pickled Fungus (tradable)

* Category Raw Vegetable

  * Maize Chowder
  * Chilli Stew
  * Cabbage Stew
  * Farmer's Stew
  * Pickled Chillies (tradable)

* Category Raw Fruit

  * Fruit Medley
  * Berry Preserves  

* Category Raw Meat

  * Cooked Meat
  * Bushel of Sausages 
  * Fishperson Steak
  * Long Pork Steak
  * Fishperson Pie   
  * Long Pork Pie
  * Tin of Meat (tradable)
  * Loaf of Bread
  * Pie
  * Coconut Stew
  * Coconut Curry
  * Bucket of Molasses (tradable)
  * Sugar Loaf 
  * Tin of Exotic Caviar (tradable)

Category Booze (Alcohol)

Brewed Drinks

Distilled Sprits

  * Refined Food​