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Gaslamp Games

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Gaslamp Games is the developer of Clockwork Empires. Currently it has 15 employees.

Developers Working on Empire Clockworks[edit | edit source]

  • David Baumgart
  • Daniel Jacobsen
  • Nicholas Vinig
  • Chris Dykstra : Director of Business Development
  • Derek Bonner : Web Presence Developer
  • Matthew Steele : Audio Specialist
  • Chris Triolo : Animator
  • Sean Hamilton : 3D Artist
  • Joseph Nejat : 3D Artist
  • Ryan C. Gordon : Hackmaster
  • Micah J. Best: Systems Programmer
  • Chris Whitman: Gameplay Programmer
  • Mathieu Dugon: Community Liaison
  • Andrew Ferguson: Build Engineering
  • Stephanie Tinsley Schopp: Public Relations Maverick