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Jobs are all the things that a colonist does. These can be jobs assigned by the player, like farming and mining, or independent behaviors, such as idling, gossiping, and fleeing.

There are several ways a player can create jobs. By left clicking most objects in the environment, which summons an options gear, and selection one of the options (usually clearing, processing, or gathering), by adding a new building to be constructed, or by ordering commodities made in a Workshop.

Many jobs are auto created, such as jobs in a mine and at a farm.

Independent Behaviors:

  • Idle
  • Gossip
  • Wander (human), Wander Near Overseer
  • Sleep
  • Eat Food, Eat Cooked Food
  • Forage due to Hunger
  • Smash stuff
  • Cower Inside
  • Burial Duties
  • Cannibalistic Murder
  • Seeking inspiration (if the colonist is a poet)

Player created behaviors:

  • Tidy Shop
  • Finish Production
  • Bake Bread
  • Tend Crops, Harvest Crops
  • Farming
  • Wield shovel, Wield Axe, Pick up Hoe
  • Return Goods, Return Container
  • Drop item
  • Gather Repair Materials
  • Perform Repairs
  • Mine in Mine shaft
  • Make Charcoal
  • Smelt Iron Ore
  • Ponder the Wonders of Science, Admire Fine Implements of Science (if the colonist is a scientist)

Combat related behaviors:

  • Do Military Training
  • Pick Up Equipment
  • Fleeing from Enemy, Fleeing Toward Civilization
  • Reload firearm
  • Shoot at Entity
  • Melee Attack Entity
  • Retreating (Within Civilization), Retreating (Outside Civilization)

Job utility[edit | edit source]

Every job has a number assigned to it, known as it's utility. This number decides how important the job will be to do for a colonist. Every job has a base utility that is then modified by factors such as distance, Traits and the Day-Night Cycle.