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World Powers[edit | edit source]

Clockwork Empire[edit | edit source]

Empire flag.png

The Clockwork Empire is an ever-expanding state ruled by Her Majesty the Queen and the Houses of Parliament in the Capitol. Its flag is the Union Cog and the official religion is the Church of the Holy Cog.


Grand Duchy of Stahlmark (Grossherzogtum von Stahlmark)[edit | edit source]

The Grand Duchy of Stahlmark (Grossherzogtum von Stahlmark) is a sovereign state characterized by the cold discipline of their stalwart military. They are often criticized for frequently engaging in shocking experiments.


Mechanical Republic (Republique Mechanique)[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Republic (Republique Mechanique) is a sovereign state and world power. Egalitarian and revolutionary, the republic is led by a complex thinking machine known as L'auto-Dictateur.


Novorusian Empire (Novorus Imperiya)[edit | edit source]

The Novorusian Empire (Novorus Imperiya) is a sovereign state ruled by the despotic Tzar of Novorus from the safety of his ever-travelling fortress-train.