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The Overseer is the leader of a Work Crew, and is responsible for guiding, assisting, and overseeing the workers within the work crew in accomplishing jobs. An Overseer and their crew may also be assigned to a Workshop building, where they will manage the production in accordance with the demands of the Colonial Bureaucrat assigned to the colony. If they are not assigned to a workshop, the Overseer and their crew will perform 'outside' jobs: farming, foraging, hauling, hunting, and mining.

If the Overseer and their crew is conscripted from the 'Conscript' command, the Overseer will become a Militia NCO, with the work crew members becoming Militia Footsoldiers.

When the Immigration Event happens, the Colonial Ministry will give the option to receive one overseer instead of three random immigrants or refusing to take any additional colonists. If the Colonial Bureaucrat opts to take the three random immigrants, there is a chance one or more of them will be an overseer.