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Technology trees[edit | edit source]

Technologies in clockwork empires are divided into the following technology trees

  • Agriculture
  • Colony Production
  • Military

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

Agriculture allows researching new farm types depending on the biome your colony is in. There are also farming technologies which enhance crop growth thus improving the amount a farm yields per time.

Technology Name Improvement Research cost Depends on Biome
Fancy Cooking Coconut Curry Pie 20
Exotic Cooking Cooked Fishperson Steak Fish Pie Long pork steak Long Pork pie 20 Fancy Cooking
Refined Cooking Refined food​ 80 Fancy Cooking
Alcohol Distillation Still 20
Maize Transplanting Maize Field 25 Desert
Prickly Pear Farming Prickly Pear Field 40 Maize Transplanting Desert
Bamboo Agriculture Bamboo Field 35 (Desert) 30 (Tropical) Desert Tropical
Opium Poppy Agriculture Opium Field 50 Bamboo Agriculture Desert
Larch Agriculture Larch Field 35 Temperate Cold
Wheat Transplanting Wheat Field 40 Temperate Cold
Lingonberry Planting Lingonberry Field 60 Wheat Transplanting Cold
Pumpkin Mastery Pumpkin Field 80 Wheat Transplanting Temperate
Tobacco Harvest Tobacco Field 40 Temperate
Grape Mastery Grape Field 40 Tobacco Harvest Temperate
Coconut Planting Mastery Coconut Palm Field 40 Tropical
Lacquer Plantation Lacquer Tree Field 40 Tropical
Tropical Plant Nursery Coffee Field 40 Tropical
Opium Poppy Agriculture Opium Field 60 Tropical Plant Nursery Tropical
Radius Crop Patterning + 5% Crop growth 20
Enhanced Growth Alignment + 5% Crop growth (Total 10%) 20 Radius Crop Patterning
Modal Labour Management + 5% Crop growth (Total 15%)​ 20 Enhanced Growth Alignment
Outdoor Work Initiative Workcondition Ratings raised by 2 30

Colony Production[edit | edit source]

Technology Name Improvement Research cost Depends on Remark
Advanced Module Research Advanced Workbench 20 -
Advanced Science Macroscope 40 Advanced Module Research
Advanced Bureaucracy Bureaucrat's Desk 40 Advanced Module Research
Advanced Learning Fancy Bookshelf 40 Advanced Module Research
Improved Decor Research Rugs, Carpets 20 -
Outdoor Decor Stained Glass Window, Wall Lamp, Large Pipe and Valve, Barometer, Vent, Pipe Cluster 40 Improved Decor Research
Compressed Decor - 40 Improved Decor Research Currently unused​
Steelworking Research Steel ingot 40 -
Steel Ceramics Ceramics Press 60 Steelworking Research
Steel Metalworking Power lathe, Power stamper 60 Steelworking Research
Mineral Processing Grinder 60 Steelworking Research
Steel Cooking Steam Oven 60 Steelworking Research
Steel Mining Steam Distributor 60 Steelworking Research
Steel Science Vacuum Chamber 60 Steelworking Research
Steam Knight Tech Reactive Catalyst Power Core Dynamo Steam Knight Forge Prototype SK Oculars SK Construction Frame Steel Plates Prototype SK Chassis 80 Steelworking Research
Initial Mining Studies +5% mining speed 20 -
Pick Handling Practices +5% mining speed (Total 10%) 20 Initial Mining Studies
Mine Safety Beetles +5% mining speed (Total 15%) 20 Pick Handling Practices
Enhanced Elevation Protocols +5% mining speed (Total 20%)​ 20 Mine Safety Beetles
Ore Extraction Training 2x amount of ore when mining result is ore 40 Initial Mining Studies
Stone Preservation Training 2x amount of stone when mining result is stone 20 Initial Mining Studies
Sulphur Extraction Tools 2x amount of sulfur when mining result is sulfur 40 Initial Mining Studies
Sand Extraction Training 2x amount of sand when mining result is sand 40 Initial Mining Studies
Targeted Site Digging Shortens time of mining to 60% 40 Initial Mining Studies (different from description)​
Efficient Labour Research Increases speed of performing Research by 10 percent. 40 -
Woodworking Efficiency Increases speed of Carpentry Shop work by 25 percent. 60 Efficient Labour Research
Stoneworking Policies Increases speed of Ceramics Shop work by 25 percent. 60 Efficient Labour Research
Smelting Optimization Increases speed of Metalworks work by 25 percent. 60 Efficient Labour Research
Cook Training Increases speed of Kitchen work by 25 percent. 60 Efficient Labour Research
Diplomatic Planning Increases speed of Foreign Office work by 25 percent. 60 Efficient Labour Research
Lacquer Synthesis Bucket of Lacquer in Chemistry Workshop 60 -

Military Tree[edit | edit source]

Military technology allows new weaponry, improves your soldiers and allows more potent healing options.

Technology Name Improvement Research cost Depends on
Training Practise Research +5% speed redcoat training 20 -
Training Pamphlets +10% (Total 15%) speed redcoat training 40 Training Practise Research
Train the Trainers +15% (Total 30%) speed redcoat training 60 Training Pamphlets
Mandatory Conscription Zero Training time, amount of training depends on overseer art of war skill 100 Train the Trainers
Personnel Gear Research Less damage 20 -
Scientific Sharpshooting +1 damage 40 Personnel Gear Research
Healthy Training Practises 20% more health for soldiers 20 Personnel Gear Research
Colony-wide Health 20% more health for everyone 60 Healthy Training Practises
Dexterity Training 25% faster reload 20 Personnel Gear Research
Daring Dexterity 50% faster reload 40 Dexterity Training
Stiff Upper Lip +1 for work condition rating of soldier​ 50 Personnel Gear Research
Advanced Weaponry Research Landmine 20 -
Longarm Manufacturing Jezail Rifle locker 40 Advanced Weaponry Research
Rapid-Fire Gunworks Carbine locker​ 60 Longarm Manufacturing
Miniaturized Weapons Revolver locker 40 Advanced Weaponry Research
Experimental Gunsmithing Grenade launcher locker 80 Miniaturized Weapons
Leyden Energy Leyden Jar 60 -
Basic Leyden Weaponry Leyden pistol locker 80 Leyden Energy
Advanced Leyden Weaponry Leyden rifle locker​ 80 Advanced Leyden Weaponry
Tonic Healing Sulphur tonic 20 -